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ArgoPDF is a pdf report generator tool for ArgoUML that is developed by Dzmitry Churbanau during the Google Summer of Code 2007 program.

The Mission

The aim of this project is to produce a module for ArgoUML that can generate pdf reports of data contained in an ArgoUML project. The module is using a free Java library iText. The reason for doing this is that it makes much easier to maintain the documentation of any data, contained in ArgoUML. The user just need to select what he wants to see in the report and the report will be generated on the fly.

Here you can read the documentation of ArgoPDF.

Here you can read week reports of Dzmitry Churbanau about his work on the project.

How can I collaborate?

Everybody is welcome to help with developing and testing ArgoPDF module. You can also propose how ArgoPDF can be improved. Here you can read how to download source code.

If you use ArgoUML v0.24, you need to use ArgoPdf for ArgoUML v0.24

You can download it here

Source code you can download here

If you use one of the current development releases of ArgoUML, you need to use ArgoPDF v0.1

Last build v0.1 you can download here

Source code of last build v0.1 you can download here

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