DB-UML Modeling Tool RoadMap

The following RoadMap shows modeling tool tasks and enhancements organized into categories. After review, this roadmap needs to be re-organized as a release schedule.


The following infrastructure and standards changes are needed:

       Batch test suite and test procedure documentation.

       Initial set of tests based on PostgreSQL.

       Coding standards (PMD code review)

       I18N review and update.

ArgoUML Integration

Several areas of the tool need better integration with ArgoUML

       The use of critics for the DB-UML language

       Batch testing changes (contribute to ArgoUML)

       Explorer extensions (contribute to ArgoUML)

       Using source generation for SQL;

       Ability to use add pop-up actions to the explorer

Additions to DB_UML language

The following additions are needed to the language:


       check and assert methods

       trigger methods


SQL/Med Support

Provide DB-UML language elements for foreign databases and foreign tables. A version of this exists for the ORDB database on an old release of ArgoUML

       Upgrade to ArgoUML 2.4.

       Change terminology to foreign databases and foreign tables.

       Provide catalog update support for foreign tables.

       Table to Foreign Table transformation.

Warehouse Database Support

A language representation needs to be defined to model OLAP entities. This should be done using the Common Warehouse Meta-Model. Source generations should be provided to generate cube schemas from OLAP models. The priority should be Mondrian schemas.

Transformations should also be provided to generate a star schema model from a host schema model for constructing a warehouse database. And transformations should also be provided to generate OLAP model from a star schema model for constructing cube schemas.