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Project Overview


Automatically position all elements from a diagram in an output-only format by means of Graphviz (Graph Visualization Software). All UML diagrams which are stored in XMI format can be processed and exported to PDF, SVG, PNG, etcetera.

This project delivers XSL transformations for each type of diagram to answer the following use cases:

The XSL transformations for each type of diagram can be used independently of ArgoUML and run directly on the XMI file. They will result in a DOT file which is processed by Graphviz. The flowchart below illustrates the different processes which apply for both use cases.


At the moment the following features are supported (main elements are depicted in bold):


An extensive example can be found in the test directory in the version control repository. It has been created in ArgoUML and the class diagram can be seen below.

From the XMI, the following class diagram has been extracted with the XSL transformation (development version). Note that it is not yet complete. However, it is displaying tagged values which are normally hidden. Displaying these is especially useful for diagrams which are to be processed by e.g. AchGenXML.

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