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This is the ArgoUML IDL project. The purpose is to provide the ability to read IDL source files and generate an UML model and diagrams within ArgoUML. It could also be extended to generate IDL source from an UML model.

If you want to work with the project

  1. Join the project.
  2. Join the mailing list for the developers of this project found among the mailing lists of this project
  3. Get acquanted with the current status of the project.
  4. Announce your intentions on the dev mailing list.
  5. Get in contact with some registered developer of this project so that you can get your work commited.

Upcoming Milestones

  1. Clarify where IDL, and its inclusion with ArgoUML, stands w.r.t. MDA.
  2. Set targets for the future development.

Related resources

This project is an extension of argouml.

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