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Cross-Platform Development Prototype:

The design has been initially deployed using XSLT to convert the Argo-provided XMI into an XSD based on the rules outlined in the design wiki. Initial implementation recommends the use of the xsd.xmi profile which should be added to the project and used for all standard XML Schema primitive data types. The following are the related files:

Updated - Beta 0.1.1 Released!

The above cross-platform prototype was implemented in ArgoUML's Module framework and is now available as a beta to be installed alongside current ArgoUML installations. For questions, comments or issues, please submit issues via the ArgoUML project bug tracker located at:

Installation Instructions
At a future point in time we hope to have this XSD generator included with the base product installation, but for the time being, users must download and install the module separately. The following steps will assist users in this process.

  1. Download and Install ArgoUML 0.34 or higher - Navigate to the ArgoUML Homepage and download a copy of the base tool.
  2. Download the XSD Jar File - Obtain the .jar file from the project SVN source code repository in the /trunk/build/ directory or simply follow this link: argouml-xsd.jar
  3. Download the XSD Profile - Obtain a copy of the XSD Profile which can be used by data modelers to associate simple data types with those defined in the XML Schema standard. It can be found in the same location in the SVN repository above or downloaded directly from this link: xsd.xmi
  4. Copy Files to ArgoUML Installation Directory - While ArgoUML is closed (not running), copy the two files listed above to the /ext directory where ArgoUML is installed.
  5. Add XSD Profile to Project - Once ArgoUML is started, simply add the profile to your project by going to "File" -> "Project Properties" -> "Profiles" Tab. Choose the "Load profile from file" button to add the xsd.xmi file just downloaded and add it to your project by clicking on the ">>" button.

That's it! The next time you start ArgoUML, the XSD Generate will automatically be loaded and be available from the "Generation" --> "Generate All Classes" menu.

PLEASE see the wiki pages for the anticipated design constraints/assumptions before submitting any bugs :-) Thanks!