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  • Download - use ArgoUML
  • Promote - tell your friends and colleagues
  • Try - check our latest development releases
  • Improve - tell us which new features you'd like
  • Report - file bugs for any new problems you've found
  • Support - help other users via the mailing lists and where other questions pop up

Help us a lot...

At ArgoUML, we are always interested in new input to the project. Whether you've got clear ideas on a particular feature you'd like, or whether you can see a way of improving something, we're waiting to hear from you.

We normally discuss things on our developer mailing list, so if you are interested, head on over there, and take a look. We've got details of how we generally work in our Cookbook, which is worth a read, but if you've still got questions, send a mail to the developer mailing lists or to any of the developers - most of the ArgoUML developers are pretty reasonable people!

Byte-sized Suggestions...

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