This is a list of what groupIds we have chosen for the resources in this repository. They are chosen according to the following:
  1. If one of the argouml projects, the groupId is org.argouml.
  2. If available on ibiblio, the same groupId is chosen.
  3. The "main" package from within the jar file.
Resource GroupID
antlrall.jar antlr
argouml-mdr.jar org.argouml
argouml-model.jar org.argouml
argouml.jar org.argouml
argouml-i18n-*.jar org.argouml
commons-logging.jar commons-logging
gef.jar org.tigris.gef
java-interfaces.jar org.argouml
jmi.jar jmi
jmiutils.jar org.netbeans.mdr
log4j.jar log4j
mdrapi.jar org.netbeans.mdr
mof.jar jmi
nbmdr.jar org.netbeans.mdr
ocl-argo.jar tudresden.ocl
openide-util.jar org.netbeans.mdr
swidgets.jar org.tigris.swidgets
toolbar.jar org.tigris.toolbar
If the version is not known 0.0 is used.