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Wiki: Building from source

For developers working with the code there are essentially three ways of building from source:

For the person making the release, the scripts used use the Ant build. Once the release process is moved to Maven, the "Using Ant"-alternative will be abandoned. There is still a lot of work left.

The nightly build uses the ant build. The continuous integration jobs (on the same host as the nightly build) uses Maven.

The build Using Maven is also possible from within Eclipse if you have the m2eclipse plugin.

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Building ArgoUML from source requires around 350MB of free disk space depending on what modules you want to build and if you want to build the documentation or not. The ambition is to provide a way to download and build that is as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Currently there are two ways to do this, either the traditional way, resulting in a file structure called the repository layout because the directories are located as they are in the repository, or a file structure called the Eclipse layout because it works with Eclipse's project structure.

In the Cookbook this had the following subsections:


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