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Wiki: eUML

The model implementation "eUML" is our first UML 2.x model subsystem implementation. It uses eclipse UML2 and EMF. This page describes some of the most important concepts of it.

How to enable it

In order to make ArgoUML use eUML, check if the org.eclipse.<...>.jar files are available in the ArgoUML installation directory (should be the case since the 0.29.x releases). At startup, make sure that the parameters -Dargouml.model.implementation=org.argouml.model.euml.EUMLModelImplementation -DeUML.resources=org.eclipse.uml2.uml.resources_<version>.jar are set, which is the case in the argouml2.<bat|sh> startup scripts.

For using eUML in eclipse, use one of the available launch configurations that include "eUML" or "UML2" in their name.


No need to further configure eUML by users! This section describes how ArgoUML internally configures UML2/EMF.

TODO: Describe how things are set up, especially in org.argouml.model.euml.EUMLModelImplementation.


ArgoUML supports both modeling of UML models and UML profiles. Please note that since UML 2.x models and profiles are different things, so ArgoUML makes a distinction between a model and a profile project (as long as ArgoUML has the "one project one model" restriction).

We have separate page for more information on UML2, Profiles and XMI.

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