About argouml-core

The group of core argouml projects. This project is the virtual project that includes all core subprojects.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
argouml-core-model This is the project containing the general part of the model subsystem.
argouml-core-model-mdr This is the project containing the mdr of the model subsystem.
argouml-core-model-euml This is the project containing the euml/uml2/ecore version of the model subsystem.
argouml-core-notation Notation.
argouml-core-transformer Transformer.
argouml-core-umlpropertypanels Property panels.
argouml-core-diagrams-activity2 Activity diagrams.
argouml-core-diagrams-class2 Class diagrams.
argouml-core-diagrams-sequence2 Sequence diagrams.
argouml-core-diagrams-state2 State diagrams.
argouml-core-diagrams-structure2 Structure diagrams.
argouml-core-diagrams-deployment2 Deployment diagrams.
argouml-app This is the project containing most of the application or the parts of the application that are not (yet) moved into their own projects.
argouml-build Include dependencies from the whole argouml repository to represent the whole application. Admittedly the naming of the artifact is a little strange but it was that way in the old build so I will do for now.