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The top level issue to collect all UML 2.x migration and compliance issues is: Issue 5463, please discuss there! This page summarizes the discussions in that issue and presents the state of the current work. Navigate to the eUML page for documentation of the current UML 2.x model subsystem implementation.

OMG Specs

The basis for the work towards UML 2.x support is the set of UML specification documents from the OMG. The current version is 2.3, and a beta for 2.4 is available, but our target so far is 2.2 unless our used model repository (see below) implements 2.3. Here's the link, most relevant is the Superstructure specification:

The OMG has announced the Model Interchange Working Group in July 2009, one of us (thn) joined their mailing list. For more information, see our page about UML 2.x Model Interchange.

An ArgoUML 0.28 project of the UML metamodel of the Superstructure spec (2.2) can be found here.

Model Repository

ArgoUML has it's own model subsystem implementation for UML 2, called eUML, to replace the mdr-based model implementation. It is based on Eclipse UML2 (Javadoc) and EMF (Javadoc). The sources of eUML are organized inside of the core ArgoUML project. This is functional, but not complete currently.

The eUML subsystem started as a Google Summer of Code (TM) 2007 (GSoC) project, the initial contributors were Bogdan Pistol (the student) and Tom Morris (the mentor). For an introduction on using Eclipse UML2, see Bogdan's eUML wiki.

eUML resources:

Running and Debugging ArgoUML with the EUML Model Implementation

Eclipse is recommended.

Launch ArgoUML with the "ArgoUML UML-EUML debug"-configuration.

Run tests with the "ArgoUML Model all tests with eUML"-configuration.

(Further questions (by Dave) on practical steps on what to actually do, need to be answered: How do I set up ArgoUML with the new model, in whatever functional/non-functional state it is in? How do I know what has or hasn't been updated yet? How do I know if it is working? How do I know the difference between a test that is supposed to pass and an obsolete test that will never pass?)

Tasks for UML 2.x Support

Implementing this is a lot of work. It needs to be split into many tasks. See our Tasks for UML 2.x Support page and help improving it!

Changes from UML 1.4 to UML 2.x

As ArgoUML switches from UML 1.4 to UML 2.x, Changes from UML 1.x to UML 2.x have to be considered. See that page for some of the most important changed concepts and the impact of their changes.


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